Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome to my passion...

It may take me a while to get this blog to the place my other blog is, but I will take my time and get it to where I want... for now, welcome! I love music... pure and simple! I've been listening to music for as long as I can remember. I was wondering what my first post should be about and I asked myself, "What CD/Cd's do I put in my player most often?" The answer was clear... Godsmack! I saw them about 8 years ago at the Whitamore Center on the campus of UNH. It was Cold, Staind, Godsmack, and another group that wasn't worth sharing the stage with the other groups. I went mainly because I really liked Staind. I didn't know much about Godsmack. I have to tell you that Godsmack ruled the stage that night. I have been a fan ever since! I have all their Cd's except for the acoustic one... don't like any acoustic stuff. It just doesn't sound as good to me. I'm the type of person who loves the music first and lyrics second. The music must move me before I can even get into the lyrics. I know the words are important, but if the music doesn't do it for me, than the greatest lyrics of all time won't mean a thing to me. Music means different things to different people. No matter what style you like, if you find yourself tapping your feet, or tapping your hand on your leg... then you are enjoying your music. Music does have power! Check out the video below... one of my favorite Godsmake songs!

Band members
Sully Erna: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, drums, percussion, harmonica, banjo (1996–present)
Tony Rombola: lead guitar, backing vocals (1997–present)
Robbie Merrill: bass guitar, backing vocals (1996–present)
Shannon Larkin: drums, percussion (2002–present)
Note: Erna performed drums on the band's debut album, Godsmack, and occasionally plays drums at live shows (alongside Larkin).

Former members
Lee Richards: guitars (1996–1997)
Joe D'arco: drums (1996–1997)
Tommy Stewart: drums (1996, 1997–2002)

Studio albums
1998: Godsmack
2000: Awake
2003: Faceless
2006: IV
2009: Untitled Studio Album