Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was sitting here this morning after shoveling a pathway on the deck for the fuel guy, so he could get to the pipe and fill our tank. I hit #23 on the CD player and it was Inxs, Kicks. I have to admit, I really liked their sound. It was a fun, hopeful sound with a tap your toe type of music that really made you feel good. Kicks was my favorite CD of theirs and I really believe Inxs didn't get the full respect and credit they deserved. This is one of the better Cd's out there that should be in every one's collection. New Sensation, Devil Inside, Need You Tonight, and Mediate are now classics in their own right. I found a video of them covering Steppenwolf's, Born to be Wild... good cover! The band was together for 20 years before the death of their front man Micheal Hutchence. They began in 1977 and in my mind brought the world some really fine music. Thought provoking at times, but always great to listen too. Check out the video and you can see how powerful Hutchence's was on stage. He was the focus of the group, and I think Inxs died when he did...

Michael Hutchence

Members:Listed chronologically:

Garry Gary Beers — bass guitar, double bass (1977–present)
Andrew Farriss — keyboards, guitar (1977–present)
Jon Farriss — drums, keyboards (1977–present)
Tim Farriss — lead guitar (1977–present)
Michael Hutchence — lead vocals (1977–1997 d.)
Kirk Pengilly — guitar, saxophone, backing vocals (1977–present)
Jon Stevens — lead vocals (2002–2003, guest vocals 2000–2002)
J.D. Fortune — lead vocals (2005–current)
On tour/special performances:

Jimmy Barnes — guest vocals (1998)
Terence Trent D'Arby — guest vocals (1999)

Kick: 1987 release
"Guns In The Sky" – 2:21
"New Sensation" – 3:39
"Devil Inside" – 5:14
"Need You Tonight" – 3:01
"Mediate" – 2:36
"The Loved One" – 3:37
"Wild Life" – 3:10
"Never Tear Us Apart" – 3:05
"Mystify" – 3:17
"Kick" – 3:14
"Calling All Nations" – 3:02
"Tiny Daggers" – 3:29
All songs were written by Michael Hutchence and Andrew Farriss except "The Loved One" by Gerry Humphries, Rob Lovett, and Ian Clyne.

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