Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rebel Meets Rebel...

For those of you that have XM radio, you will want to check out channel 48. When I had my XM up and running, Squizz 48 was my favorite music channel. NO COMMERCIALS!!!! Any way, I have since stopped the XM only because I'm not in my truck as much as I used to be. I heard a song a few years ago on XM called "Get outta my life" and they said it was David Allen Coe (DAC) and former members of Pantera. The song kicked ass! I found the CD on my BMG music page and picked it up. There is a unique quality about this CD that you will not hear on very many Cd's. David Allen Coe is old school country. Those of you old enough to remember Waylon and Willie and all the old country "outlaws" will remember DAC. In 1984, Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile hit #2 on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks. He had a few other hits, but Mona Lisa was his highest charting song... one I remember very well. I would have to say that I have never been a very big Pantera fan and was not bothered when they broke up. However, I did respect the music and their sound. They would tour around Texas as The Cowboys From Hell and I thought it was cool that a heavy metal band would have some very strong country roots. So I knew I had to have this CD. It is great! The fact that Dimebag was murdered means that this collection of artist cannot be together again. This is their only collaboration that I am aware of and I am very happy to be able to play it loud and proud! Check out the video below and do yourself a favor and pick this CD up.

David Allen Coe...

Rebel Meets Rebel was an outlaw country crossover project with David Allan Coe on vocals and guitar, Dimebag Darrell on guitar & back-up vocals, Rex Brown on bass, and Vinnie Paul on drums. The project resulted in the self-titled album Rebel Meets Rebel. The music was written and recorded by the band when the musicians had time aside from their other projects, including Pantera's world tour supporting Reinventing the Steel.

Originally the song Rebel Meets Rebel was supposed to be released as a duet with Coe and Phil Anselmo.[1]

Another appearance on the album was Hank Williams III providing vocals on the track "Get Outta' My Life" alongside David Allan Coe.

The album was released on May 2, 2006, under Vinnie Paul's own label Big Vin Records, posthumously after Dimebag Darrell's murder in 2004.

Track listing:
"Nothin' to Lose" – 3:40
"Rebel Meets Rebel" – 3:10
"Cowboys Do More Dope" – 4:49
"Panfilo" – 0:34
"Heart Worn Highway" – 4:12
"One Nite Stands" – 2:28
"Arizona Rivers" – 2:28
"Get Outta My Life" – 3:33
"Cherokee Cry" – 3:50
"Time" – 3:36
"No Compromise" – 3:52
"N.Y.C. Streets" – 4:12

David Allan Coe - Vocals, Guitars
Dimebag Darrell - Guitars, Backing vocals
Rex Brown - Bass
Vinnie Paul - Drums

Hank Williams III (on "Get Outta My Life")

Rebel Meets Rebel, Nothin' to lose...

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Anonymous said...

Great post! love these guy's work!

frgodbeyjr said...

Thanks Greg! I love this CD, it's one of my favorites! Thanks for the comment and thanks for following!